Cohesive Color Consultations

The perfect paint color can harmonize your home.

The right color can change the way your home feels— and how you feel at home.
So, how do you choose the perfect palette? If narrowing down the right hues, color families, and accents seem like a daunting task— that’s because it is.


Treat yourself to color selections curated by a design professional.
Our color consult isn’t just about your finding your favorites. We’ll definitely do that too, but we’ll also build a cohesive recommendation that considers your entire space— from the undertones in your furniture, flooring, and decor to those intangible aspects that create atmosphere, mood, and tone.


We have an extraordinary selection of largescale boards painted with high-quality Benjamin Moore hues.
Our recommendations aren’t just limited to color. If we see opportunities to kick your style up a notch by refreshing other elements— we’ll share those suggestions too!


And the best part? You’ll be left with a deep understanding of why your selected colors work and how to make future decisions with complete confidence.


***Stephanie Katz Interiors is currently offering consultations only.
Click here for a summary of our offerings.***


Color is one of the fastest ways to make a home feel truly yours.

 See what’s on the other side of the rainbow. Let’s chat!

Interior design that unites your home's personal style with yours.


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